“Catriona’s business coaching has been invaluable to my business. Her specific, clear guidance and business perspective proved so helpful in developing and stream-lining my business strategy.

I had no hesitation in coaching with Catriona. It was an easy decision and a great investment in both my business and personal life goals.”

Louise, Kilkenny.


“I engaged Catriona Walsh as part of a plan to help me develop my management skills and develop a better understanding of the company goals and how to go about delivering. I found Catriona very professional to deal with. She listened to my objectives, helped me map out a plan to hit the objectives, and then delivered the plan with a mixture of team and 1 on 1 meetings with me and also my management team.

I was initially very sceptical of the benefits of coaching, but within one or two sessions I was hooked, seeing the benefits and reacting to the outcomes. The outcome for me and my company has been very beneficial as we have a stronger understanding of what the company is looking for, what is expected from them and are delivering a better quality of management.

Her key question of “what do YOU want to get from this meeting?” has been a simple and new approach I have taken to all my company interactions.

I intend to use Catriona on additional coaching programmes and would highly recommend it. Coaching is not just for large corporates, it is beneficial to all management teams.”

Paul, Wicklow.


“I had several sessions with Catriona as I needed assistance in figuring out my career path. She asked me probing questions which made me really think about my own values and my perception of myself. She has given me back my confidence and has empowered me to seek out new opportunities. Catriona is an expert in her field that I can’t recommend her highly enough. I’m am so thankful I had the sessions with her.”

Linda, Kilkenny.


“My time with Catriona has been very beneficial to me both personally and professionally. I couldn’t speak more highly of my coaching experience with her. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and look forward to future ones.

I found the time spent to be incredibly useful, insightful, practical, energizing and motivating with Catriona bringing clarity to different situations and suggesting how best to approach the various possible outcomes.
I would highly recommend Catriona.”

Anne, Kildare.


“As a career coach, I found Catriona to be supportive, inspiring, and very much vested in my success. She gave constructive and actionable instruction to help me explore my own motivations and career goals. If I had a friend or family member at a career crossroads, I would definitely recommend her services.”

Erin, Kilkenny.


“Haven been made redundant approximately two years ago, and finding myself in a situation where I had no idea what I really wanted to do going forward. I found Catriona’ s website online. I was feeling very down about my future prospects so I seized the opportunity to attend a number of sessions with Caitriona. She was so kind, interested and motivational and really helped me to move forward in my life. It is a pleasure to recommend her business  and her life coaching skills, I am hugely appreciative of the support received. Thank you so much.”

Sharon, Carlow.


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Catriona in our coaching sessions. She has a light, gentle, caring approach and I found her easy to confide in. She helped me believe in myself again and build up my confidence and self esteem, for which I am truly grateful. l would highly recommend coaching with Catriona.”

Thomas, Kildare.   


“I approached Catriona looking for some external motivation to help me reach my goals, instead Catriona has taught me that all the motivation I need is within me.

Working with Catriona has given me ‘ownership’ of my life – I have regained the control to plan the life I want for me.

I always found setting goals overwhelming; but working with Catriona has taught me that we embody our goals each day, and we achieve them, not by one big decision, moment or commitment; but by a series of every day small actions that bring us one step closer.

Nicola, Wexford.