What’s your intention?

What is meant by Intentional Business?

Oprah’s puts it nicely in her book – ‘The Path Made Clear’ – “The moment you know with certainty that your intention is fully aligned with what you believe, all bets are off. You’ve already won!” Intention can really mean the difference between succeeding in what it is you want to create or not, but without even knowing why.

How would you do business in an ideal world? What does the ideal day look like, achieving the ideal results?

By creating intention and taking action with that intention you bring a completely different energy to whatever it is you do. And the likelihood of you achieving the results you want are greatly increased.

Whether you need to complete an important task or just want to sit down to enjoy a meal with a loved one, when you set the intention, you trick your brain and body into thinking, feeling and acting in the intended way.

Now, imagine sitting down to that same meal or attempting to complete the same task with no thought for how you want it to pan out. Your mind and body are perhaps on autopilot, you may be having a busy, stressful day. You may only have head space for the never ending to do list. The likelihood of enjoying the meal or getting the task completed in the time and manner you want are probably a lot less.

Now, imagine you could trick your brain and body into acting in a certain way every day you go to work.

I’m inviting you to be intentional just for one day, and take note of your results …….

Catriona x.

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