How Do I Need To Show Up?

Three parts to this post:

How do I need to show up as a Leader? How do I need to show up for my Business? And how do I need to show up for Myself?

Now more than ever we have to be intentional in order for our actions to have the desired impact.

  1. How do I need to show up as a Leader?

A few questions to consider…..

How do I need to show up for those who need me and are relying on me?
What do I need to be doing for my workforce that will allow them to show up and function as they need to?
What do I need to be doing more of?
What do I need to be doing less of?

Whose leadership qualities do I admire and what can I learn from them?
What can I emulate?

What’s the difference? What if I don’t show up how I need to?

The world needs great leaders, how can you be one of them within your own remit?


2. How do I need to show up for my Business?

Being a business owner is a tough gig at the best of times. And you certainly couldn’t blame anyone for throwing in the towel over the last few months!

However behind every successful business there’s an abundance of effort, guts and determination to make it work, no matter what adversity comes your way. And it’s about so much more than just how you feel as an individual.

We need to ask ourselves – what does my business need from me right now in order for it to operate to the best of its ability – in whatever form that takes?

How do I need to show up in order to stay in it for the long haul?

If you’re doubting your ability to stick with it, bring it back to your WHY. Why do I do what I do?


3. How do I need to show up for Myself?

In my opinion, the most important question.

Put simply if we don’t do what we need to in order to support ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally every day we don’t show up at our best.

We all have a responsibility to ourselves to recognize what we personally need to remain resilient.

It’s just not possible to support others with what they need if you’re not fully supporting yourself. The term filling from an empty cup comes to mind here!

That support will be different for each one of us, as we all have our individual ways and means of raising our vitality – what is it for you?

Call out what you build into those days when you seem to be able to take on anything – what allows you to show up at your best?

Think of the impact you have on those days – what does your best look like?

Now imagine how you could better support yourself and those who need and rely on you if you showed up like that every day – what’s the difference?

A little food for thought that I hope encourages you to be a little bit more intentional on the days that aren’t so easy!

Catriona x.

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