Culture is not someone else’s job

When I think of the word ‘culture’ I imagine a community of people living and working together to form a unit that has shared values and traditions. The Oxford dictionary defines culture as; ‘the customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organisation of a particular country or group’. There are many types of […]

What Separates Managers From Leaders?

What separates managers from leaders? There’s quite a difference between someone who manages people to do a job and someone who leads, influences, empowers, supports and leaves a lasting affect on those who follow. One way to identify a leader is to observe how they handle challenges. Leaders make decisions every day. Decisions that are […]

Let’s Engage

We hear a lot about the efforts organisations are making to engage their employees. There’s the extra curricular stuff like sports and social events and then of course the salary levels that organisations are focusing on in an effort to make their employees happier and ultimately more effective. A study carried out by the ADP […]

Change Game

The change game is difficult and the process of making real change in our lives has one big prerequisite; the desire to change. As coaches we have numerous tools and techniques available to us to assist individuals make changes in their lives, but without the desire to change, nothing of much meaning will happen. Many […]

Balancing Act

What does balance look like? Does it always come down to the same fundamentals; time and energy and how we use these resources? Over the years I’ve strived to find the right work/life balance. Like many with young children, I restructured my working hours and made the changes I felt would give me more time […]

Resistance – the body knows a better way

I’m now four weeks into an eight week mindfulness course with Cecilia Shefflin.  This week there was a particular focus on Aversion or what I refer to as Resistance – Resistance to our emotions. No matter what the emotion even the positive ones, resisting it or not allowing ourselves to fully feel and live it […]

Busy being busy

How do you use your time? Are you productive? Are you creative? Are you concentrated on the tasks that are important to you? Or are you rushing around most days wondering where your time goes and why you haven’t gotten much of what actually matters done? Are you busy or are you busy being busy? […]

Who’s business is it anyway?

Byron Katie in her amazing book ‘Loving What Is’ calls out three kinds of business – My business, Your business and God’s business. Staying within my business and concentrating on what I can control in my own life, is one sure way to make it a little less stressful. That’s not to say that I […]

From Stuck to Growth

The night before my first coaching session with my now coach and mentor the wonderful Sinead Millard, I had a very scary thought; what if I wake up at retirement age and wonder “was that it”? This thought epitomises the feeling of being stuck for me. It was also one of my biggest pushes to […]