Who’s business is it anyway?

Byron Katie in her amazing book ‘Loving What Is’ calls out three kinds of business – My business, Your business and God’s business. Staying within my business and concentrating on what I can control in my own life, is one sure way to make it a little less stressful. That’s not to say that I […]

From Stuck to Growth

The night before my first coaching session with my now coach and mentor the wonderful Sinead Millard, I had a very scary thought; what if I wake up at retirement age and wonder “was that it”? This thought epitomises the feeling of being stuck for me. It was also one of my biggest pushes to […]

Please don’t

What is a People Pleaser and how do I know if I am one? Do you relish feedback from others? Do you regularly accept invitations to events you don’t really want to go to? Do you tend to prioritise other people’s needs over your own? Would you willingly sacrifice your happiness for fear of putting […]

The Fear Factor

What is fear? If asked to define it, how would you explain it? What fear is and how it manifests in our bodies has fascinated me for quite some time. I’ve definitely felt fear, but have found it very difficult to put those feeling into words. Grant Cordone defines fear as – “False, Events, Appearing, […]

Why Not To Multitask

Multitasking is a skill listed on many CVs and quite often a sought-after one on many job specs. When done well it’s a great skill to possess, but when done badly it can have detrimental consequences – imposing unnecessary stress on the individual. So, how successful are you at multitasking? Are you giving your job, […]

Slow down – way, way down

When we make a conscious effort to slow down, it can have a profoundly positive effect on almost everything we do. Rushing from one task to another usually leads to not appreciating much of anything, and without really being aware of it, we end up missing out on large chunks of our lives. Rushing for […]