Who’s business is it anyway?

Byron Katie in her amazing book ‘Loving What Is’ calls out three kinds of business – My business, Your business and God’s business.

Staying within my business and concentrating on what I can control in my own life, is one sure way to make it a little less stressful. That’s not to say that I become self-centred and live without concern for others. In fact the opposite is true, as when we do stay within our own business we allow others to live the life they want without our judgement or interference. We can influence and encourage those around us, but attempting to make their decisions for them or impose our own thought process on them usually doesn’t have the desired outcome.

How could life be if we stayed within our own business?

Think of the productivity you could have if you didn’t spend time worrying about what your competitors are doing? You might get some real results, serving your clients fully and reaping the rewards.

How would it be to love yourself purely for who you are? You don’t compare yourself to others or care how they make their decisions or go about their lives.

Think about the children we might raise if we strived to influence and encouragement by our actions rather than attempting to enforce on them our wants and desires.

So the next time you have a thought to take on a task, ask yourself, whose task is it? Mine, Yours or Gods?

Catriona x.

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