Change Game

The change game is difficult and the process of making real change in our lives has one big prerequisite; the desire to change.

As coaches we have numerous tools and techniques available to us to assist individuals make changes in their lives, but without the desire to change, nothing of much meaning will happen.

Many people speak about changing something in their life but do very little about it, probably because there isn’t any real need for them to change. There is no catalyst.

A catalyst could take many forms. The loss of a job, the breakdown of an important relationship, or perhaps we find ourselves in some unwanted state of being; like feeling stuck in a rut or suffocated by a certain situation.

When we do find ourselves in these difficult situations it is not easy to know where, what or how to change. But we do know we want to feel different.

This is where it is essential to seek support from whomever it is you feel is best placed to assist. We can’t and don’t have to go it alone.

In my case that support was in the form of a coach. The safe space that my coach facilitated was just the support I needed to take those very difficult early steps. With that support I gained the perspective and self-belief I needed.

What steps will you take to make change happen?

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