Balancing Act

What does balance look like? Does it always come down to the same fundamentals; time and energy and how we use these resources?

Over the years I’ve strived to find the right work/life balance. Like many with young children, I restructured my working hours and made the changes I felt would give me more time with my family. I didn’t however factor in the time I needed for myself. Me time was not prioritised until my time was no longer my own.

My energy levels soon caught up with me and I realised that balance for me means having the right mix of both time and energy for everything in my life, including myself.

Balance is a conscious choice, something we have to create for ourselves.

Balance is personal. What your colleagues, friends or neighbours are doing has little to do with what’s best for you and your life. You’re the only one who knows what does and doesn’t serve you.

Check in with what it means for you when you feel out of balance. What do you feel physically? What do you feel emotionally? What are the symptoms? Get specific, so you know what changes are needed.

What can you do to bring more support to your current state? What’s within your control to change? What are you leaving outside of your responsibility?

Perhaps bringing a level of ownership to where your time and energy goes is the first step? Perhaps you just need to give yourself permission to make that change?

Catriona x.

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