Busy being busy

How do you use your time? Are you productive? Are you creative? Are you concentrated on the tasks that are important to you? Or are you rushing around most days wondering where your time goes and why you haven’t gotten much of what actually matters done?

Are you busy or are you busy being busy? How focused are you? Do you allow yourself to be distracted? Do you procrastinate from getting the difficult but important tasks done? The tasks that will lead you to success in your business, your career and ultimately your life.

We can allow ourselves to be busy for years without creating anything meaningful or bringing any real happiness or success into our lives. Steve Chandlers calls this “a busy-ness problem”. He suggests that “most people are too busy to succeed”. Why is this? Why are we getting in the way of our own success?

Fear keeps us busy and nestled in the familiar. Fear stops us from creating our dreams.

We have however within us the ownership and control of our time and ultimately the direction our life goes, if we choose to take it. We can decide to be productive, to be creative and to focus on what will bring about real change and success. We can choose to break through the fear that’s keeping us in the busy state, the fear that’s keeping us from taking action on our dreams. We just need to get out of our own way!

Take time out to quieten your busy mind. Take time to tune into what’s important to you and what you really want from your life. Take time to breath, to meditate or whatever it is that allows you to hold space for you, your thoughts and your dreams.

Take time.

Catriona, x

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